Propeller Festival

There is only one thing between an idea and its success — and that is your own ability to propel that thing forward. This simple description is what led to William Scheideler coining the tagline for Propeller, “Idle ideas don’t fly, let’s propel.”

An effort to create an East Coast version of the now-famed South by Southwest — Propeller founder, Aaron Price had the vision of a one-day event that featured both tech companies and the companies that support them, an impetus to bring more innovative startups to the New York/New Jersey area. Propeller is all about propelling ideas and to assist in bringing Aaron’s idea to life there was a lot of work that had to get done in a short amount of time.

Price was faced with the difficult task of putting a festival together from nothing. To add to his problems, he was three months away from the festival date with no website, promotional material, media or social following — he was only armed with an idea.


–      Propeller Festival


–      May 2016

Taking on the role of Art Director in February, a website and brand identity were established within weeks. Managing a team of six web developers and two designers, Propeller was able to meet their May 20th festival date with all the material they needed for their inaugural debut.  William Scheideler oversaw the design of the festival website, social media campaigns, video, and branding, advertising and media initiatives, as well as festival signage and merchandise.

The result of Propeller can be seen in the numbers. Over 8,000 tickets were sold, more than 70 speakers appeared on stage, and the night was closed with performances by Beatie Wolfe and The Naked and Famous. Adding to the turn out, Propeller’s social media presence was able to reach more than 4.9 million people. Not bad for an inaugural event that almost didn’t get off the ground.

Idle Ideas Don't Fly, Let's Propel.