Piece Meal App

Piece Meal is an app that was created to help the “common” cook avoid ordering out or having to shop for food when supplied with a limited number of ingredients in their household. The purpose of the app is to not only feed and save users money but to also educate users about cooking; opening their minds to the unlimited number of recipes at their disposal using as many or as few ingredients that they have on hand.

The first task at hand was identifying the potential users of Piece Meal. A group of 20 individuals, ranging from the ages of 18-62 were questioned on topics that were important regarding the interests and goals of Piece Meal.

After conducting interviews and collecting data on our potential users. We formed a user group that ranged in age from 24-55, who have cooked a meal or have an interest in cooking, and have access to and can use a smart device.

Our test group was a collection of chosen users that were most likely to use the app on a weekly basis. Some of the users we interviewed had no interest in cooking or would simply rather order out for the ease of access.

After finding that there was a potential market for Piece Meal, we began to identify our competitors. Using competitive and comparative analyses, a list of features to be included in Piece Meal was created.

From here, several wireframes and prototypes were created for each stage of the user journey. The wireframes and prototypes were tested and tweaked along the way based on user feedback.

One of the important take aways from this project was that the users reacted best when the app was kept in its simplest form. Including too many features in the app was distracting to users and took away from the overall experience. What we were left with after stripping away the clutter is a simple an intuitive cooking app, allowing users to find, plan, and prepare a meal quickly and easily.