Born from the brains of Sean Leahy & William Scheideler, Inside College Athletics consists of the off-field stories about players, coaches, & people that make college sports happen. Created by the fans, for the fans.

A fan of collegiate sports can only get so close to the game by watching it live. Inside College Athletics was created to let fans get closer, by getting close to the team. Inside College Athletics’ goal is to get the fan closer to their team by filling in that action-less void between games and seasons by providing digital content to facilitate their wants and needs. Even if users have only five minutes to visit the app, the experience is designed to feed their ambition, build their need to know more about their team and university.

ICA offers registered users and subscribers their own personal library on the site where they can save content and shareable reading lists. Rich content and social media integration spark the conversation between the magazine and its audience. Social media integration promotes sharing, grows audiences and boosts online subscriptions.